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Training and Development of Core Competencies

Training and Development of Core Competencies

Every organisation wants its staff to achieve a high level of competence, but few understand the education and training needed to achieve it.

Our experience in training pharmaceutical industry professionals, from site level to corporate management, gives us the insight to help your staff gain a high, reliable level of competence in their field.

Education, training and competence – the three pillars of organisational success

For many companies, the words “education”, “training” and “competence” are used interchangeably. However, in order to achieve real competence, organisations need to distinguish more sharply between these terms.

  • Education helps staff learn principles and gain specialised knowledge
  • Training allows staff to gain experience with detailed work and practice, ensuring competence is acquired
  • Competence is the sum of knowledge and skills resulting in staff being highly effective in their roles

Galenisys Business Excellence uses all three in order to achieve a well-rounded, practical approach to competence.

Most importantly, we provide specialised education based on your requirements, a tailored training programme and the means to verify that competence has been achieved.

If your organisation is already advanced in this logic, we can provide customised coaching to meet your requirements.

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