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Methods and Ways of Working

Galenisys consultants will work closely with you at every stage of your project.
This helps ensure your input – and more importantly, gives you the knowledge you need to take your company or facility forward when our work is complete.

Language proficiency

Galenisys can provide its complete range of consulting services in both English and French, and can provide assistance to companies in Spanish and Portuguese.

5 steps to a successful project outcome

Our work is structured enough to help you manage of the process at every stage, but flexible enough to meet your individual requirements and to adapt to your facility, processes and organisation.

This is a broad overview of how our projects are organised.

Step 1 – Initial Proposal

Galenisys will survey your project and provide an initial-stage plan of the activities involved, project deliverables, timelines and costs.

Step 2 – Detailed Project Plan

Next, we will prepare a detailed project plan. This will set out the project stages with defined deliverables and completion dates.
At the completion of each stage, a full review of the work will be performed with you before we begin the next phase. This process will give you complete assurance that the deliverables are on track and meet your evolving needs.

Step 3 – Resources

Galenisys will submit the names and CVs of the Galenisys partners and associates who will be involved in your project. Each one is carefully selected for their specialism and is subject to your approval.

Step 4 – Continuous Communication

Our consultants know the importance of maintaining constant communication with you – it is essential to project success and benefits you long-term.
We ensure a high level of communication through the provision of regular reports on the work completed, telephone calls, conferencing and email.
The means of communication, frequency and contact individuals will be agreed with you before the commencement of the project.

Step 5 – Project Completion and On-going Services

When your project has been successfully completed, we provide you with the resources to ensure you get on-going value from our work.
Whether this is in the form of written documentation and guidelines or training for your staff, we will give you what you need to take your business forward.

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